Ferrara Winery offers a wide selection of premium varietals, dessert & specialty wines, and all natural grape juices.  Wines you'll find no where else include Generation III Port blended with 60 year old wines, Nectar De Luz a refreshing dessert wine enjoyed best poured over peaches and ice cream, and the Christmas Port only available during the holiday season.  We invite you to visit our tasting room at the winery and experience three generations of wine making.

   Almond De Luz 
   Christmas Port
   *Only available the day after Thanksgiving until 
        New Year's Eve


   Extra Dry

   White Wines

   Bella Serena
   Chardonay 2004
   Demi Sec Muscat Alexandria
   Muscat Alexandria

   Red Wines

   California Zinfandel
   San Diego Red
   Vino Rosso Delicato
   Vino Rosso
   Vino di Caspano


   Chardonay Grape Juice
   White Zinfandel Grape Juice
   Berry Flavored Grape Juice
   Grape Juice


   Chardonay Light Port
   Zinfandel Port
   Barbera Port
   Generation III Port
   Cream Sherry
   Nectar De Luz